Till Next Time, WashinGTon Wizards!

Washington Elementary has been my school home for the last 7 of my 8 years teaching. I don’t think a more incredible teaching and learning experience could’ve been possible anywhere else these last 7 years. From the time I started here, part of me thought I might just stay forever. In this historical, almost century-old building, I’ve met some of the most amazing educators, mentors, friends, students, and parents who have forever impacted me.

This week I experienced my very last day at Washington, as I finished packing up and moving out of room 151 at the very end of the Kindergarten hallway. I’m following my heart and also taking a leap of faith to become a K-5 Intervention teacher for the upcoming school year at Baileywick Elementary. In this new role I am thrilled to continue working with students, push-in to classrooms of different grade levels, co-teach, support small groups, and collaborate with classroom teachers as well as a team of instructional specialists. This next step is so exciting, but that doesn’t make it easy to leave Washington. It has been difficult to process all the emotions that come with this transition: the best experiences are by far the hardest to say goodbye to.

It’s hard to put into words what Washington means to me. Here I have experienced the true beauty and meaning of diversity in our amazing student body, along with a staff that genuinely values our diverse school community. I have been surrounded by educators who have modeled leadership, given me incredible opportunities to grow, encouraged me, collaborated alongside me, and believed in me. I have formed strong relationships with so many students and families, and have had the privilege of staying in their lives as they grow up and even move onward to middle school. And as all the memories flood my mind, I am reminded that every memory and meaningful experience I’ve gained here involves people – people who have stayed and people who have gone. And there are many who were here before I was, some who I have been lucky to work with and others who I never had the chance of meeting, as well as those who will come after my time here has come to a close. But somehow even as people come and go, Washington GT Magnet Elementary remains and I think will always be one of the most special schools in the world! It’s been said many a time, but now I cling to knowing “once a wizard, always a wizard”!

THANK YOU to the educators, students, and families (pictured below or not) who have left a permanent imprint on my heart! I will never forget the people on 1000 Fayetteville Street, past and present, who have been part of my journey. Now onto my next chapter!