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Taking it to the Next Level

G Couros kindersCAN.jpg

I’m done putting it off. No more excuses.

After listening to George Couros speak this past fall, I acknowledged and knew that some day I’d start a blog, but not yet. No time, fear of sharing, unable to commit to doing it well and consistently…all excuses I made in my mind. However, #ncties17 brought more inspiration. This time around, George googled me and actually called me out publicly, urging me to blog and consequently take my digital presence to the next level. And I think I may have talked myself out of it yet again had it not been for Kyle Hamstra, another amazing educator encouraging me to grow and learn through blogging. Finally, I did some thinking on my own this past weekend after an amazing, refreshing 2 days at NCTies. I couldn’t dismiss the thought that at the core of blogging is reflecting. And as a passionate and dedicated educator, am I too busy to reflect? That’s the question that sealed the deal for me.

But there are so many other reasons to start now. Along this journey of blogging, I hope to reflect on myself as an educator, learn from my personal growth over time, and build a digital portfolio, while also connecting with and learning from other educators. You will get a glimpse into my Kindergarten classroom of busy bees, my thoughts, and a little bit of my personal life, as I hope to get a glimpse into yours!

Ultimately, I hope to bring this authentic writing experience into my classroom, having my students reflect on their own growth over time while sharing with a larger audience. But the bottom line is, before my own students can begin this process (yes, Kindergarten students blogging…stay tuned for my next post on #kindersCAN), I have to try it and experience it for myself. So here it goes! I’m looking forward to becoming a better teacher and a better learner along the way.

12 thoughts on “Taking it to the Next Level

  1. Great first, post, Nathalie! Like you, George was my inspiration for blogging as well! I went from skeptical jumping in head-first after his 45 min blogging inspiration at Fall Convergence back in November. Life changing. 🙂 I’m so glad you all were able to learn, grow and contribute the KindersCAN message at #NCties17! KOKO -Brendan


  2. I’m so proud of you, Nathalie, for taking it to the next level. At #ncties17, you told me F2F that you would do it—And you DID! Many times at big conferences or in twitter chats, educators talk, and that’s it. But you’re walking the walk. I really respect you for this. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey. And the funny thing is that reflection is genuine–You benefit, and your audience should be commenting to learn together. Looking forward to your next reflection. Sincerely, Kyle


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Kyle. I sincerely appreciate your encouragement and your genuine efforts to support me in connecting with a wider group of educators. So excited for this step and to continue learning from you!

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  3. Nathalie,
    You are a ROCKSTAR! I am so inspired by you as an educator and friend! You do such amazing things in your classroom and world will be a better place because you open the door and let others in!


  4. Thank you for writing your first post. As “Innovative” teachers we ask students to try new things and take risks and now you have shown them that you have asked the same of yourself:) What a role model you are!! You are inspiring me to reflect more and put myself out there to become a blogger too……..coming soon.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first of many reflections! Taking risks is so much less scary when you’ve got the support of great educators. Excited to connect and learn from one another!!

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